WLINK_USB_4GMI. Radio modem USB internal antenna, 25mW, 866-960Mhz. (Range 1Km).


WLINK_USB_4GMI. Radio modem USB internal antenna, 25mW, 866-960Mhz. (Range 1Km).

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Radio modem USB, internal antenna with network protocol Unibus12W and 25mW in ICM-ISM bands from 866 to 960Mhz

Compatible with the new generation of wireless products DMD, Unibus12W (4G y 5G). 



  • Radio links networking industrial.
  • Fixed systems or mobiles or on flight (UAV, Drones).
  • Robots. Special vehicles.
  • Repeater. (Optional).
  • Metering. Transponders active/passive.
  • Monitoring and industrial control.
  • Wireless Metering Smart GRID (AMR y AMI).
  • Automation houses and buildings.
  • Wireless sensor Networks. RFID actives.
  • and much mores...

Technical feaécnicas:

  • Frequency: 866-960Mhz.
  • ISM Bands: 866, 868, 902, 950Mhz.
  • RF Power: -9 a +14dBm. (25mW).
  • Sensitivity: -106 to -108dBm@50Kb.
  • Modulation: GFSK, 50Kb.
  • Channeling: 50Khz.
  • Range max. Outdoor: 800m.
  • Range aprox. Indoor: 100m.
  • Interface: USB.
  • Upgradeable: From PC by USB.
  • Dimensions: 69,5 x 25,6 x 13,5mm.
  • Weight: 15g.
  • More information click here, WLINK_USB_4GMx.



(For the moment in Spanish, in a few days will translate all the information).

  • User Manual:



  • Software WLINKDEMO (Win7, 8):


  • Presentation Radios 4th Generation:






Optionally you can choose operate in other Bands ISM:

169Mhz, 315Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz(Default) or 915Mhz. 

Depending on the selected ISM Band the product will have other ranges and different prices. 

If you need more information and we change ISM Band, send an email to dmd@dmd.es

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