PMAN4G8-001. RF wireless remote control 4G, 1 button, 866-960Mhz, 25mW, -106dBm, Unidirectional.

PMAN4G8-001. RF wireless remote control 4G, 1 button, 866-960Mhz, 25mW, -106dBm, Unidirectional.

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Remote wireless control industrial and professional use, 4G, 1 button, unidirectional, 25mW of power and -106dBm of sensitivity in the ISM bands from 866 to 960Mhz, robust and with a capacity of sending data or configurable text by wireless network to PC, an (XPLC of DMD), access control systems, WLINK_USB_xGM or equipment containing radio modems WLINK series.

It has RCBus connector to connect directly to a PC and so configure a large number of parameters to adapt it to application. (Needed a BOOTADMDxx-V2 + PULS to update or configure).

Ulta low consumption. With a button battery can perform until 4.000.000 pulsations without changing the battery (According configurations).

Works on net with IP address. Can be used several thousand equipments in the same area, depending on application.

Configurable parameters. Change shipping message pushbutton, power, ISM radio band, channel, IP address, list of approved equipments, shipping battery level along with the message, shipping CPU temperature with the message, to be bidirectional sending secure messages with automatic acceptance of receiver.



  • Industrial, remote wireless material replenishment.
  • Remote control to PC, XPLC, etc.
  • Open doors.
  • Access control.
  • Industrial remote controls and general.
  • And much more...

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: 866-960Mhz standard. (Optionl from 137Mhz to 960Mhz).
  • ISM bands: 866, 868, 902, 950Mhz. (op:137Mhz, 164Mhz, 205Mhz, 273Mhz, 433Mhz).
  • RF power: -9 a +14dBm. (25mW).
  • Sensitivity: -106 to -108dBm@50Kb.
  • Interface: RCBus.
  • Modulation: 50kb by defect. Optional up to 1.2Mb.
  • Max range approximately: 100 to 500 (Interior).
  • Directionality: Unidirectional.
  • Nº Pushbuttons: 1.
  • Upgradeable: From PC by RCBus (Using BOOTADMD-V2 + PULS).
  • Box: PLA.
  • Color (Line and Button): Orange. Optional: Red, green, gray, yellow or blue. Others consult. (To select the color, write the color desired in the internal note ofh the order).
  • Dimensions: 77x52x10mm.
  • Weight: 33g.
  • Note: On requets you can customize (Bajo pedido se puede customizar (Make small changes) at the controls to adapt your exact needs.
  • More information click here, PMANxG.



  • User Manual (Spanish):




  1. PMAN4G8-001. RF wireless remote control 4G, 1 button, 866-960Mhz, 25mW, -106dBm, Unidirectional.

Optionally you can choose others ISM Bands:

137Mhz, 164Mhz, 205Mhz, 273Mhz, 433Mhz, 866Mhz(by default) or 960Mhz. 

Dependig on the ISM band the product will have other ranges and different prices. 

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