RDB_RECOVERY. Radio beacon 4G.(-108dBm, 25mW,866-960Mhz). (DISCOUNT 40%) | (Limited Edition).

RDB_RECOVERY. Radio beacon 4G.(-108dBm, 25mW,866-960Mhz). (DISCOUNT 40%) | (Limited Edition).

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Limited edition.

With this  radiobeacon 866-960Mhz, 25mW, you can locate lost RC models (Aircraft, drones, etc), objets, animals and people (In situations that doesn't depend on life and integrity of people) maximum distances between 1000m and 4000m on the ground. And up to 10Km maximum from the ground with an air equipment (Depending on conditions and antennas).

Adequeate to locate RC models lost, especially in wheat fields, wetlands, etc. If you make flight distances of several kilometers, it is interesting have apart GPS module, one radiobeacon as a security element separately from the rest of the system.

Oriented in principle to find different types of models Radio Control, it can be used perfectly to locate objects, vehicles, animals, pets and people. (Not to be used in situations where the lives of people dependent).

It is complemented by the Search Terminal (LOCATOR_RDB).

The range depends much on the receiving antenna and the final position of the aircraft.


Technical Characteristics:

Radio 4G:

  • Frequecy: 866-960Mhz.
  • Maximum Range (On Ground): 1000-4000m.
  • Maximum Range (Air equipment): 10Km (Depending conditions and antennas). 
  • Power: 25mW.
  • Sensitivity: -108dBm.
  • Upgradeable: Yes. With BOOTADMD-V3.



  • 1 Battery: Button 3,3V (CR2032).
  • 1 Switch: On/OFF.
  • 1 Led: Blue (Indicates state Radio Beacon).
  • Antenna: Flexible.
  • Duration: 69 continuous days (SMS 3seg).
  • SMS: Send an SMS every 3seg (Deafult).
  • RCBUS. (For configuration parameters Radio(Channel,IP,Name,Shipping SMS secons, etc) using module BOOTADMD-V3 and DMDStudio software).


  • Weight: 18grams. (Battery included).
  • Dimensions: 43 x 33 x 15mm.
  • Box: Plastic.


Handbook online:






  1. RDB_RECOVERY. Radio beacon. 4G, 866-960Mhz, 25mW, -108dBm, range 1000-4000m.
  1. ​​ANT893DB. Omnidirectional antenna 3dBi, 866-960Mhz with connector SMA-Male.

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